Summer Intermission [With Some Great New Jams Attached]

Hello all. We are in the full swing of summer here in the Northeast US and I am in the midst of traveling, weekend outings, and events galore. I am going to savor July and I won’t be posting a write-up until August. This being said below are some new tracks that I have been digging lately. Feel free to check them out and post comments anywhere you like. I will be posting music throughout the month. If you reside in the northern hemisphere: enjoy the summer!

New Arcade Fire jam off their upcoming Everything Now album:

New Steve Earle track off recent So You Wannabe an Outlaw:

Local and up-and-coming Boston indie folk group I’m digging:

And some new Big Boi for ya:


Ready to Start

Hello and welcome. 241 Weekly is a blog dedicated to musical discovery and exploration. From right now until sometime in the unforeseen future I plan on posting weekly albums for you and I to explore together. These posts will highlight music from the past, present, and future that I have chosen to share with you. Each album will be accompanied by a short review, opinion, or anything at all really and there are no real rules or exceptions to the music that I may post.

My hope is that with this blog you can join me as I discover new music, revisit classics, and evolve musically. I made this blog to share music with my friends and anyone else who happens upon the site. Feel free to follow the site, post comments, or contact me directly. Cheers!